Bingo Games – Online vs. Offline

Online games are now all the rage. In fact, most people play at least one game online a day at social networking sites like Facebook. There are online casinos, gaming websites and RPG’s, and let’s not forget the classics such as bingo.

Bingo used to be a favorite local event for clubs, churches and other gatherings, now it’s also available to play online, in fact, more people play bingo online than they do in real live bingo halls everyday.

I had to ask though… is playing bingo on a computer nearly as much fun as playing it the traditional way? Here’s a few comparisons to help you decide which way you might like to play the game.

Differences Between Online and Offline Bingo

The biggest difference of course between playing online bingo and offline bingo is that one is played on a computer. The other differences are that while offline bingo uses balls, online bingo uses a random number generator.

Online bingo games are available anytime 24 hours a day, seven days a week, while offline bingo games are scheduled on specific dates.

Online bingo also allows you to choose from several different bingo games such as 75 or 90 ball. Offline bingo halls usually feature only one type of bingo game at a time.

Similarities Between Online and Offline Bingo

Despite being played on completely different venues, online and offline bingo are still similar in several ways. For example, both offer cash prizes and bonuses, although online prizes are said to sometimes be higher than offline.

The rules of bingo are also the same whether online or offline. And of course, one of the most enjoyable parts of playing bingo is making friends and socializing, which you can do with both types of bingo games. You can make and meet with friends at an offline bingo hall, or connect with other online players via internet chat, a feature offered by several online bingo sites.

Both ways of playing bingo have different advantages and disadvantages. If you feel like going out you can find a bingo hall near you, or if you’d rather skip the trip and start playing immediately you can set up and account on gaming sites like USA Bingo and that attract lots of members and offer several cash prizes. Either way you play you are sure to have fun.